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Customer Opinion and Feedbacks

  • "I love my new comforter and it is everything you said it would be. I am telling my family and friends about your site and encouraging them to check you out before they buy.

    Thank you very much for providing an excellent product at a very reasonable price."

  • "My business partner and I have a need to purchase down for a very unique craft project for resale to the public. When it was decided that we would indeed like to experiment

    with down, my concern was for the birds. I was so touched and relieved to find your site and know that no birds are killed for their down. How humane and wonderful!!!!!! 

    Because of the visibility of the down in our experiment, the down needs to be very white. "

    Kim .
    Product Developer
  • "Just wanted to let you know I received my comforter this afternoon.

    I will try it out tonight but I wanted to let you know it looks and feels wonderful.

    Thank you and you may be seeing another order from me in the near future."

    Steve .
  • “I wanted to write and express my complete satisfaction with product listed below. I received this item yesterday, and although it is a gift, I had to put it on my bed last night and "try it out". 

    Wonderful does not begin to describe the quality and comfort I experienced. I am more than pleased with this product and wanted to let you know.

    If anyone ever asks for a testimonial for your product, I would be happy to respond.


    Steve N.
  • “I did receive the Queen comforter-- 2 days after you shipped it !!---”

  • “I received your comforter yesterday afternoon. It appears to be of fine quality. I put it on my bed last night and it felt marvelous at first.”

    Andre R
  • “I received my comforter today and everything seems to be in good order. 

    Thanks for your efficient ordering procedure and speedy delivery.  

    When I decided I needed to replace my comforter and went online, I was very pleased to find you were still in business and serving the U.S. There was no question about ordering from Hungoose after the long service life I received from my original comforter. I hope to get another 17 years out of this comforter, which should just about take me out the top.

    Rick Adams”

    Rick A.

    Returning Customer
  • “I also bought some pillows from them, wonderful for reading in bed..”

    Helen E.
    Returning Customer
  • “The comforter arrived on Monday (two days early) and I wanted you to know it is absolutely wonderful.

    I am so happy I did research and found your company. The quality is exceptional and last night my

    husband and I felt like we were sleeping in a cloud.

    I was able to find a cover of the same size and it worked perfectly.

    Thank you so much for making such a wonderful comforter. It is the best.”

  • “We just received two of your wonderful down comforters (twin size) as a present. We noticed on your website that you suggest storing them in a cotton-breathing bag (storage bag)—and that you could send those on request. Could we order two of those to store our comforters when they're not being used?”

    Ben & Kati K.
    Returning Customer
  • “I wanted to let you know that I am very happy with my recent order of the quilt.

    The product is so wonderful

    Thank you”

    Michele J.
  • “Just want to tell you the comforter and pillows are more amazing then I can say. I use it at our cabin, my husband and I worked very hard all day, and I have to say slipping into bed that night was like sleeping in heaven!

    Felt like I was in the clouds. My husband said the next morning "you did real good getting this comforter and these pillows"! I am really amazed with the quality of your products!

     Thanks so much!”

    Cherie M.
  • “Hey Istvan- Just received the comforter today.....beautiful! Thanks again!! ...I will recommend you to all my friends. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas. Köszönöm szépen, ”

    Ed K.
  • “ I bought a king deluxe from you a while back and love it. I now want to purchase the king medium pillows. can you please send me an invoice so i can pay for them.

    Thank you and have a wonderful day”

    Teri D.
    Returning Customer
  • “Thank you so much Istvan, 

     I received the pillows already and they are beautiful. I plan on buying more of your products at Christmas hopefully you will have another sale.”

    Anette T.
  • “I just received your box in the

    Mail. - beautiful pillows. I am so pleased. Royal pillow isn't have sent me two though I had cancelled with them

    Thank you for your text and quality product.”

    Alex E.
  • “Thank you, I received my beautiful duvet today! I am very happy with the fine quality and fill power. I will be ordering pillows from you soon.”

    Anette T.
    Returning Customer
  • “Just want to let you know that we received our duvet yesterday afternoon. We are very pleased with the quality…and last night we slept under it. It is great….and we are delighted! Thank you very much for your excellent service.”

    Marsha Nonn
  • “Thanks for my order my wife and I love our comforter and pillows if anyone needs a referral I will vouch that you have a grit product thanks and Merry Christmas.”

  • “Be our customer.”

  • “Be our customer.”




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